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In TEYDISA offer our customers the most advanced technology at the forefront, to guarantee excellent results in all fields of activity.

Thanks to our ongoing investment, we offer the market a broad technology park, constantly renewed and adapted to the highest standards of quality and latest trends.

We also have a wide range of online services soldadadura as SMD, conventional solder wave soldering tin.

Technical Team

Assembly Process

THT technical solutions

We have any THT soldering solutions both in lead free and leaded:
Electrovert solder wave
Iemme solder wave
Kiss 102 soldering for higher productions.
Zipatec Select 250 N2. Selective soldering for small and/or médium productions.
Roland Hecht S-10. MIniwave for prototipying and/or pre-tin processes.


– 3 x Mydatas MY12 full vision for UFP and big odd shape components.
– Sony SI-G200MK5&SI-F209 high and médium speed line for UFP and medium components.
-Ekra X4 full automatic printer with visión and dispensing.
– SEHO lead free oven.
–Rehm vapour phase in and off-line.


We have a wide range of info and technical experience to cover most of the rework proccesess to be reworked, covering from small 0115 up to µBGA, BGA, QFP, CSP, etc.

We also have reballing kit to repair any component which may need it. All this is made with our equipment:
Martin Expert 10.6 HXV. Full reflow rework system


100% flexible tests by using our Flying probe ,Boundary scan, personalized tests:
Flying Probe: 2 Takayas APT9411
BoundaryScan: 2 x XJATG systems.

Full and complete test laboratory to perform personalized tests which includes measurement, power supplies, etc equipments.


Full in line cleaninng equipment which ensures the elimination of any residue Iemme Hydra.

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Takaya FP

Martin rework

ACE Selective soldering

Electrvert wave soldering

Ekra X4 Pro printer

Rehm Vapour Phase

Mydata My 12 pick & place

Takaya FP

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